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Apologetics Begins at Home

I remember well receiving a letter on my pillow from my 13-yr-old daughter. It was full of questions that she wanted me to help her understand. I am grateful that I have the kind of relationship with my children that they seek me out as their primary source of information when they are struggling with […]

We Always Have the Time

On one side of my driveway there is an old dead tree. A leaning tree. It’s the kind of tree you can tell is hateful and spiteful. It is going to fall down, of course, but it certainly won’t do it on a normal day, like normal trees. No, this tree is going to make […]

Redeeming our Failures

Somedays you catch a glimpse of encouragement that makes your heart sing in this mothering journey. I had two today. The first was a line from a facebook blogger friend of mine, who wrote: “You moms just trying to survive: trust me, today’s exhaustion will bear fruit that will astonish you.” (Dorcas Smucker) Of course […]

What about Abuse?

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog entry about how much I am enjoying this season of life. I talked about how blessed I am, and how good God has been to me. I’m eternally grateful! However, this did not sit well with some people. In fact, apparently, my blog flat-out offended some folks. For […]

I Apologize

To all of those whom I have disappointed, I apologize. Let me give you some background. I’m a homeschooled graduate. In fact, I was one of the earliest ones in the modern era (1991). My family began homeschooling in 1978 (when it was illegal), and I have never spent a day of my life in […]

Parenting By Grace

I was sitting on the platform of a Christian parenting conference looking out over the audience. This was one of those end-of-the day “Q&A” sessions where all of the exhausted main speakers field questions and try to think on their feet. One of the other speakers had the microphone and was replying to a question […]


Allowance – What Should Parents Do?

Many parents rightfully desire for their children to learn good financial stewardship. To help children develop a budget and learn to manage their money responsibly, many parents give their children a weekly or monthly allowance. What is a Standard Allowance These Days? What do other parents give their children? According to one website: A 2012 […]

A Family Mission Statement

It is very important to have a target. As a family, you need to identify what is most important to you and identify your goals. Our family has developed a simple Family Mission Statement that helps us to remember why we are on this planet, and what we hope to achieve. Every major corporation or […]

Will a Well-Trained Child Depart?

“Train up a child in the way he should go (on his own customized path), and when he is old/older/grown he will not depart/will return.” (Proverbs 22:6) This passage has given parents and Bible teachers fits for many years. There are lots of different explanations regarding what this text is teaching (including a few I’ve […]

The Perfect Family Syndrome

Living in a fishbowl isn’t as fun as you might suppose. Sure, you get a lot of attention but, sometimes, it isn’t the kind you were hoping for. Sometimes, you wish that when you fail, every now and then, no one would see or care. How do you deal with the pressure of achieving “perfect […]

Biblical Worldview Assessment

Are your children equipped to face the “Real World”? When children finish their home training and “leave the nest” into the secular culture around them, will they be truly prepared to embark on such a journey.