Homeschool Group Leaders

“Israel Wayne is truly a dynamic and challenging speaker possessing much wisdom for one so young. He is truly a wonderful representative of all that can be done when homeschooling is done right – not perfect, but with honesty and openness and willingness to surrender wills to God. Will you be challenged? YES! Will you come away overwhelmed? NO! Will you have a clearer vision of what it means to answer this great call to homeschool your greatest treasures? Most assuredly, YES!”
Terry Dodds
Hearts to Home Support Group Leader

“Far too often in the homeschooling community, fathers are left out of the equation. As an often forgotten or even pushed aside key to Christian homeschooling, there is a need to bring our fathers back home as the spiritual head of the household. Israel Wayne reminds us of the call we have to homeschool and the role a father has in a Christian family. He is gifted in breaking down barriers and speaking the truth. After Israel speaks, it is amazing to see the fire ignited in fathers. Israel’s messages are powerful and freeing, especially to fathers who can now know they are not alone in this journey.”
Victoria Hughes
Director of Homeschool Blessings & FIRE Homeschool Family Camp