Answers for Homeschooling – 5 Pack Bundle ($32.49)


Israel Wayne has written a book that has been needed since the renewal of the homeschool movement 40 years ago. This book is the Walmart or Costco of consumer information for homeschoolers. For the new homeschooler or investigator of homeschooling, this book will give you everything you need to know, and more, in one book. The answers to the critical questions every homeschooler has at one time or another are found in this book and are easy to understand. The bottom line is that Israel’s book is the first place any homeschooler should go to have their questions answered. And it could be the only place that one would have to go for this critical information about the homeschool world. Israel is owed a great deal of gratitude for finally giving us what we have needed for years.

Mike Smith, President of HSLDA

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