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Christian Parenting Bundle

Courageous Parenting (Hardcover) ($18.00)

by Jack & Deb Graham
Sometimes it feels as if the best we can do as a family is to survive. The ups and downs of life leave little energy or hope of doing more than simply gritting our teeth and plugging ahead with life. Anything beyond this seems a long way off. But there is reason to believe that our families can thrive.
Healthy, God-centered relationships with your spouse and children can be had only through building on the right foundation. There must be genuine faith, morality, spiritual understanding, discipline, enduring patience, character, kindness, love, and much more. This is a daunting list, one that most of us feel is too great a challenge to attain, but it can be achieved by building our families on the unshakable foundation of Jesus Christ.

Often it seems as if building a strong family is nearly impossible. Parents need to be encouraged, though, because creating and growing a family of this kind is possible by the grace of God through the guidance of His holy Word.

Throughout the pages of this book, Jack and Deb Graham teach us with biblical models for the home, provide practical advice for parents, and speak from years of their own experience in active ministry and parenting. They offer support and encouragement to parents for the often overwhelming task of raising a family that represents and reflects Jesus Christ, and they put forth a call for courage and godly confidence in forming a biblical legacy for our children and the generations that follow. (176 pages)

Courageous Parenting (Audiobook on CD) ($23.00)

Jack and Deb Graham outline biblical principles for a fruitful family life and offer trustworthy advice to parents in need of encouragement. Unabridged. Read by Wayne Shepherd. (4 CDs. 5 hours.)

SoundBites from Heaven: What God Wants Us to Hear When We Talk to Our Kids ($13.00)

by Rachael Carman
Every day, parents find themselves telling their children the same things over and over: “Listen to me”; “Tell me where it hurts”; “Remember, I love you.” Author Rachael Carman heard herself saying things like this to her children. Suddenly, she realized that God was trying to tell her the same things. She began listing all the things she told her children that she needed to remember herself, and the result is SoundBites from Heaven: What God Wants Us to Hear When We Talk to Our Kids. Carman’s book brings refreshing perspective to moms and dads as she reminds them that God cares for them just as they care about their own children. (192 pages)

His Loving Law, Our Lasting Legacy ($12.00)

by Jani Ortlund
With clear teaching and practical tips, author Jani Ortlund presents the Ten Commandments as a gateway to better understanding God. In His Loving Law Our Lasting Legacy, Jani Ortlund invites readers to look at the 10 Commandments as a mirror into our souls and our need for cleansing and forgiveness. Leave a legacy to your children by teaching them to love and obey God. Each chapter addresses one of the commandments and concludes with study questions and creative ways to pass on the command to your child. (169 pages)

Raising Kids with Good Manners ($10.00)

by Donna Jones
Studies show that kids who are well-mannered are more confident and successful and have better relationships. What parent doesn’t crave that for their child? In this practical book, parents, teachers, and child-care providers will discover the keys to raising well-mannered children–with results in less than six weeks. From training a two-year-old to say “please” to talking with a teenage boy about his treatment of girls, this book unfolds step-by-step techniques for teaching manners. It also shows parents how to instill in their children a true concern for others and encourages them to grab hold of every teachable moment they can to show their children something they can use the rest of their lives. (225 pages)

Boys Will be Joys ($10.00)

by Dave Meurer
Parenting is not for wimps. When it comes down to it, sometimes parents just have to wing it, says Dave Meurer, father of two rambunctious boys. In this delightful read, Meurer waxes humorously on the miraculous feat of raising boys and staying sane at the same time. (186 pages)

MomSense: A Common-Sense Guide to Confident Mothering ($13.00)

by Jean Blackmer
What is the right way to mother? Can a mom trust her intuition? Or should she follow the advice of one of many parenting books? Into this fog of theory and philosophy, MomSense shines a light of refreshing clarity.

Through personal stories from real moms and proven, practical advice, MomSense helps moms honestly assess their skills, embrace their mothering instincts, and develop their own unique mothering style. Rather than pushing one “right” way to be a mom, this liberating book shows moms that they are the best mom for their kids and that they can have contentment, joy, and confidence in their role. A perfect gift for a new or experienced mom. (192 pages)

The Molding of a Champion ($13.00)

by Dr. Gregory Jantz
In this remarkable new book, Dr. Jantz shares a wealth of wisdom for parents to help shape their child’s future in a successful and faith-strengthening way. Going beyond the standard strategies into a unique perspective drawn from his years of experience in professional practice, along with his own parenting journey, Dr. Jantz offers workable solutions for relationships, drug and alcohol addictions, body image struggles, and living life with purpose.

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