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Full-Time Parenting: A Guide to Family-Based Discipleship. A typical working parent spends just 19 minutes a day looking after their children. In contrast, many children spend about 6 hours per day in school, plus over 7.5 hours per day in media consumption. Add to that the time children spend with their friends or on extra-curricular activities, and it is clear that most American children are not truly being raised by their own parents.

Consequently, studies indicate that as many as 65-88% of all Christian youth leave the faith around their freshman year of college (or before) and never return).

Increasingly, many parents are determining to take back the raising of their own children. They are not content to be a part-time babysitter for their child. They want to be Full-time Parents. Learn how to take the steps towards becoming a Full-time Parent, or learn how to be a better one.

Be the Parent
How I Taught My Children to Sit Still and Be Quiet
The Seven-Year Teaching Method
The Father’s Role
Child Training
Helping the Hyperactive Child
The Perfect Family Syndrome
Family Culture vs. Pop Culture
Keeping Your Marriage Strong
Teaching Your Children about Purity
Hospitality: It’s Not Just for Women Anymore!
Living on One Income (by Brook Wayne)
Considerations Before You Start a Family Business
A Christian Education Manifesto
Christian Schools vs. Homeschooling
Comfort & Advice for Single Parents (by Skeet Savage)
Why Some Children Leave the Faith
Passing the Baton
Parenting by Grace

“Israel is committed to serving others with integrity and diligence. He truly cares about the families he serves.” Tracy Klicka (Author, Christian Leader, Mother of Seven)

This is a downloadable product with Mp3 files. No physical product will be shipped. Almost 6 1/2 hours of audio content.


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