Keep the Faith

If Christian church attendance has dropped from 60% to 6% in England and 55% to 18% in America (for the millennials), are we losing the faith, generation by generation? Welcome to the battle for the faith in the 21st century.  Those courageous few still willing to fight are identifying the battleground and are taking a stand. But we do not stand alone. By God’s grace, we have a host of courageous men; leaders of the church who have fought for this same faith for 2000 years.

The Christian approach to education stands worlds apart form that espoused by the Greeks, the Unitarians, Rousseu’s socialists, the Marxists, and John Dewey. This theory of education is rooted in the Bible and in the wisdom applications of 2000 years of godly men. If we do not win the education battle, at least here and there, we will lose the faith. This is an essential element for salvaging the faith in the 21st century. Every Christian parent with children, every Christian pastor, every Christian elder, and every Christian deacon should obtain a copy of this book. The compendium of knowledge found in this little book will be an essential resource for every leader in the church who wants to salvage the Christian faith in the West.

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