The Genesis Record : Audio Series

Based on the popular Genesis commentary, The Genesis Record audio series features ten presentations by the late Dr. Henry M Morris – scientist, educator, and founder of the Institute for Creation Research. With more than 9 hours of engaging audio, Dr. Morris highlights the essential elements of the book of genesis, beginning with creation and ending with the account of Joseph, Jacob, and the children of Israel in Egypt. Also included is a fascinating discussion of Genesis, the Bible, and the book of Revelation.

Episodes included in this series are:

Chapter 1: The Book of Beginnings Chapter 6: Abraham and the Covenant of Faith
Chapter 2: The Record of Creation Chapter 7: Isaac and the Promised Land
Chapter 3: The Lost World Chapter 8: Jacob and the Israelites
Chapter 4: The Genesis Flood Chapter 9: Joseph in Egypt
Chapter 5: Origin of Races and Nations Chapter 10: Genesis, the Bible, and Revelation


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