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101 Questions and Answers About Weather and the Bible ($13.00 retail)

Donald B. DeYoung, Ph.D.

Everyone experiences weather. In this fascinating book, scientist Donald DeYoung explores 101 intriguing questions about weather patterns and phenomena, answering them from the biblical viewpoint of a creation planned for our well-being. Questions about weather basics, like What causes a rainbow? and Is there a creationist view of the weather? along with questions about past weather, such as Was there an ice age? and Did a climate change end the dinosaur era? are answered in order to reveal the order and grandeur of creation and encourage an appreciation of all God has made. This introduction to commonly asked weather questions affirms God’s power and illustrates the Creator’s provision for the earth’s weather system. Ages 10 and up. (160 pages)

365 Fascinating Facts From The World Of Discovery ($11.00 retail)

by Donald B. DeYoung, Ph.D

An engaging look at significant discoveries through the centuries, mostly geared around science and invention. Dr. DeYoung uses his astronomy background as a basis for sharing many significant events down through the years, and adds to the mix with facts related to many different areas of science. This compilation of short facts will thrill trivia enthusiasts and are designed to help the reader commit them quickly to memory. (200 pages)

Heroes of Courage — Portraits from the Bible ($7.00 retail)

by Mark Anthony Escalera Sr

The dark eyes of the creature stared directly into mine as it swam past me a second time. Terror filled me as I realized we were about to become better acquainted. The trip into the storm at the edge of the world was bad enough, but then the ship’s crew threw me overboard. For them the storm ceased immediately, but my storm would continue. As the creature’s mouth erupted from the frothy waves and closed over my body, no one heard my screams.
– Excerpt from A Whale of a Story

In this collection of short stories, real Biblical characters like Jonah, Noah, Jehoida the priest, the servant girl of a leper, and others are revealed through fictional true-to-life scenarios. The world may have its heroes, but the Sovereign Creator chose these people for a specific purpose, and all for His glory.

These people are heroes because of their courage, faith, and hope in God alone. Join me, as we go back in time, and experience the adventures of these Biblical heroes who served a mighty God. (145 pages)

Imprisoned in the Golden City: Introducing Adoniram and Ann Judson ($8.00 retail)

by Dave & Neta Jackson

The two young Burmeze girls had dreaded leaving their father but he told them that the only sfe thing was for the two of them to go live with the American missionaries, Adoniram and Ann Judson. May-Lo and Len-Lay really aren’t sure what the danger is, and they don’t know what to believe about their American foster parents. Could the accusations that the missionaries were English spies be true? When the Judsons leave the city of Rangoon to establish a mission work in Ava, the Golden City, the girls are taken along on the dangerous river trip that will separate them from their father by 350 miles. Will they ever see him again? Will they even make it to their destination? How will the emperor of Burma respond to Mr. Judson’s petitions to give religious freedom to Christian converts? Their arrival is followed by eventual disaster. When the British attack the Burmese, all the white foreigners, including Adoniram Judson, are hauled off to the terrible Death Prison. Every clue indicates that the Judsons are spies, and a Burmese-English boy named Myat Rodgers is determined to prove their guilt. Should the girls tell the authorities what they know? Or will they all end up in the Death Prison? Without their father’s help, whom could they trust? (156 pages)

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