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Redeeming our Failures

Somedays you catch a glimpse of encouragement that makes your heart sing in this mothering journey. I had two today. The first was a line from a facebook blogger friend of mine, who wrote: “You moms just trying to survive: trust me, today’s exhaustion will bear fruit that will astonish you.” (Dorcas Smucker) Of course […]

I Apologize

To all of those whom I have disappointed, I apologize. Let me give you some background. I’m a homeschooled graduate. In fact, I was one of the earliest ones in the modern era (1991). My family began homeschooling in 1978 (when it was illegal), and I have never spent a day of my life in […]

Biblical Worldview Assessment

Are your children equipped to face the “Real World”? When children finish their home training and “leave the nest” into the secular culture around them, will they be truly prepared to embark on such a journey.